Defensive driver training teaches on-road skills that minimises risk to the driver, vehicle and other road users and will enable proficient driving in all situations. As well as practical driving skills drivers will also be taught how to heighten their driving awareness, anticipation, attitude and timing to ensure a stress free and safe drive.

Practical Skills

  • Speed & Space Awareness
    Drivers will learn awareness skills to constantly analyse whether they have enough time and space to avoid any hazardous situations.
  • Practical Driving
    Drivers will learn appropriate gear selection and smooth braking techniques
  • Safe & Calculated Overtaking
    Drivers will be taught when and how best to overtake to ensure maximum safety to themselves and others.
  • Advanced Observation
    Drivers will be shown appropriate levels of speed to suit cornering as well as weather and traffic conditions

Personal Skills

  • Driver Attitude & Behaviour
    Drivers will learn heightened awareness techniques and when and how to anticipate other road users actions.
  • Control is Everything
    There are three main factors when it comes to avoiding a collision: speed, space & surprise. Drivers will learn to have maximum defence in all three.

In Summary Defensive Driver Training…

  • Reduces accidents
  • Fuel efficient driving techniques
  • Prevent legal claims
  • Improve attitude to driving
  • Enhance your company image



Eco-Safe driving is a recognised and proven style of driving that contributes to road safety whilst reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Training your driving staff will ensure your drivers are statistically safer as well as saving your business money on fuel. Here is a summary of what Eco-Safe training covers:


  • Start / Moving Away
    Drivers will be taught how to start and pull away safely using the least fuel possible.
  • Accelerator
    Drivers will learn how to use the accelerator smoothly and progressively for optimum efficiency.
  • Gears
    Drivers will learn what gear to be in and when to ensure maximum fuel efficiency. This includes situations when skipping gears adds to efficiency.
  • Use of Speed
    Drivers will be shown appropriate levels of speed to suit the weather and traffic conditions


  • Hazard Awareness
    Drivers will be shown how to identify hazards quicker and the ideal way to react to ensure maximum safety and smooth driving.
  • Engine Braking
    Drivers will learn how to use the engine for slowing down rather than brakes when situations allow. This requires little, if any, fuel.
  • Stopping the Engine
    Drivers will learn when it’s best and more cost efficient to switch off their engines.

General Car Check

  • Simple Car Check
    Drivers will be shown a few simple tips to ensure the car is safely and efficiently performing at all times such as: lights, oil, brake & steering fluids, water washers & coolant, electrics, tyre pressures, tread and cuts.

In Summary Eco-Safe Driver Training…

  • Makes drivers safer
  • Reduces fuel bills
  • Lowers emissions
  • Avoids unnecessary maintenance
  • Peace of mind